Artist Statement

My images reflect the life around me. It is the small scenes that really feed my soul and make me feel the gentleness of the life. The quiet connections and communications of people, and in the stopping and observing, I can see all the wonderful details that make up the world.

I walk slowly, taking in all there is around me, in all seasons. I don't want to miss any of what I might see. The summer reflection of two leaves in a pool of water or the small twig rising up through the snow on Little Long Pond. Every autumn the collection of mushrooms that push up through the leaves is wonderful. I try to capture it all. I can never put off recording these images, as tomorrow will find the mushrooms consumed by slugs, the snow will have melted a little more, the sun will have moved, a dog's foot print appeared. The scenes are fleeting.

Everywhere I go, it is the same. I see the forms of life. Even walking through a city I look up to notice one building reflected in the glass of another. I watch the clouds. They are everywhere, always changing.

I am always being asked, how do I know when to take the picture, how do I know what I am looking at. I don't know, I can't define "it". "It" is just there. I see "it". It is a chance I am taking. Sometimes "it" works and sometimes "it" doesn't. My eye is seeing all the time; a movement, a look, the way the light falls...... My first real encounter with the feeling of light was the use of candle light at the Easter Vigil service at St. James Episcopal Cathedral in Chicago. It played off everything and I wanted to capture it and capture the moments of the service.

Sometimes what I see is shape and light or just shape.

When asked about my "art making process"; my answer: I just do pictures.

Anne Wetzel
P.O. Box 914
Mt. Desert, ME 04660

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